Writing Prompts of April

We made it through March! I didn’t doubt us for a second, but I won’t lie and say that it was very easy. I personally found it quite difficult to navigate being a college student during a global pandemic, and I imagine that many of you found yourselves in a similar boat. I am so happy to see that you’re still here and you’re still doing your absolute best. It’s really all anyone could ask of you.

Well, not entirely. We here at Pathos might take it upon ourselves to also ask you to keep writing. We just can’t get enough of your creativity and we crave to see you flourish! If you are feeling the writer’s block blues, no worries, I am here to present to you the much anticipated Writing Prompts of April. Please sift through some of these and see what your brain comes with up.

1. Find a piece of narrative (this can be from a book, a text message, or an email, etc) and rewrite it as a poem. Feel free to take out as many words as you’d like, but try not to add any. Play with spacing and punctuation to create a new narrative.

2. Think about the last time you felt so happy you cried. Write about it only using senses associated with smell.

3. Make a list of everything you associate with Spring. Write a short story based off of the list.

4. It is the first day of Spring, but it still looks and feels like Winter outside. When several more weeks go by and it’s still snowing in May, your main character starts to get worried. What happened to Spring and how do we get it back? 

5. April Showers Bring May Flowers! But what if April Showers actually brought an attack from an ancient sea monster?

6. Find a photo from your childhood. Write about what is happening in the photo from the point of view of the photographer.

7. Transcribe an interview with a celebrity. Go back and edit their answers into something completely opposite of how they responded. Have fun with it! 

8. Your main character was born with a fear of going outside. Suddenly, something happens that changes everything and they have just begun contemplating opening the front door. What happened?

9. Take an old piece of writing you made that you really like (or don’t like. maybe you even hate it) and take out every 4th word. Take those words and write them down in a separate place. Create a new story out of them

10. Write a scenario in which the virtual graduating ceremony goes horribly wrong.


We hope that these prompts inspire and delight you. Feel free to send us anything you create using these prompts! Until next time, dear reader.