Online Art Gallery, Volume 20

The Room, My Mind

Cordelia Albertson

I can’t write songs for you, anymore.

No poetry could cancel

My shameful hatred

Knocking at the door.

We met before

I grew into

My monstrosity.

We met before

I haunted my

Own mind, spiraled

Into a blindness

Beyond blindness

That had me clawing

At the walls.

You walk past me

Without walking

Beyond your room,

But your scent hits,

Ever stronger,

My weakened knees.

Doubled over,

I wait, patient,

For patient gloom,

And feel blood rush

From my head

Into my pleas:

Just leave me be

And forget these,

My thoughtful words,

To see that you

Have shaken this,

Our dust,

From your shoulders

And I have not…

For I still haunt

The room, my mind,

Where you left it.


The Picture on My Wall 

Heaven Lane 

The only picture on my wall is of her. Her face is young, but her fitted overcoat hints at curves and she holds herself with the confidence of a woman. A mischievous smile plays on her lips and her eyes sparkle with unrestrained joy. So different from the woman who raised me. The pictured woman is a patch of wildflowers to my grandmother’s meticulously cultivated rose garden. Yet to experience a lifetime of love and sorrow, pride and regret, strength and suffering, she is a half-finished masterpiece. The picture on my wall is beautiful, but I know that one day she will be radiant. 



Ava Phillips

I will take pictures by the little house, green

and moody as me. 

I will bite the heads off blue geraniums, my 

glorious mouth like a bruised

paper crane. 

I will coat my nails in laquer by the 

wide window, next to the potted fern that 

speaks Greek. 

I will hang half poems on the kitchen walls, dry 

rosemary and thyme on the bitter windowsills. 

I will wear the white dress on the lawn, take 

photos in film with the tortoiseshell cat in 

my arms, her eyes 

on the doves. 

I will let my hair grey, pull it out 

by the fistful and leave strands on the branches 

of the plum tree for crows to find. 

I will wake in blue silk in a mahogany bed frame, the 

only parts of me left uncovered 

my jealous wrists. 

I will bake small apples, red and perfect 

as sin, and eat them in the garden, warm with 

summer heart rot. 

I will tend to the hedges, but not the oak tree.

My sister. 

I will let her reach as far as she wishes, let

her shatter my windows with her tender rough fingers, 

if she likes.

I will let her grow wild.

Online Art Gallery, Volume 19

A Summer’s Evening Sky, 2018

William Boechler


Mysterious Mushrooms

Kacie Cooper

Spotlight On: Jeremy Cruz

Jeremy is a Graphic Design student studying Art, Design, and Music for his upper cluster classes. He is currently a Junior in the GD Program at PSU. Check out his website:

Q: What are your favorite art mediums to work with?

A: I love working with a lot of different things as I enjoy crafting with my hands. When I’m not on the screen all day, I enjoy kicking it old school with a pencil, some nice markers and my sketchbook, although I’ve also been spending some good time drawing on my iPad. Secondary to that, I also enjoy working with acrylics, printmaking materials, fabrics, and paper marbling. I’ve been getting into making shirts, as well as learning how to sew.

Q: What do you do about creative blocks?

A: I like giving myself breaks to just relax and take time to enjoy myself, whether that’s watching some anime, or food shows, listening to music or just sleeping. Adventures also give me energy and inspiration, like hitting up some hikes, walking around Portland, exploring, and also checking out other designs–lots of talented folks out there. I really enjoy thrifting and sifting through random things, junking as Draplin would call it. I think cleaning is also important, not just from a hygienic sense but also just cleaning your workspace, moving things around, organizing, reorganizing–it feels great when you go back to sit down and work. Reading, always learning, self-care stuff also. Oh yeah, and good food, good food always.

Q: What projects are you currently working on?

A: Currently I am working on re-branding Everyday Music for my Studio 5 class, they got the deals and good finds but damn is that logo struggling–it’s a wonderful record store that deserves a better brand identity. I’m an intern at Tin House working on books, flyers, and sadly the 80th (last issue) of our literary magazine. On top of these, I work at Best Buy on the weekends and I also intern at Under Armour right down the street as a Footwear Designer, I recently finished up a Spring Break campaign, and many others, and I am now working on a project to refresh the prints and patterns for Fall/Winter 2019. A passion project is also in the works that is on the low low.

Q: Is it important that your art feels alive and in conversation with you?

A: I guess so, I think it’s all subjective at the end of the day, but I think it’s cool to just see how people react to it and make their own interpretation and understanding of what it means or could mean. I don’t think it always has to have a super deep connection, sometimes it could just be funny or hella cute, or visually beautiful. I try to focus on making art that I enjoy and has a personal connection with me and how I grew up. It’s all about just appreciating the craft.

Q: What are your goals?

A: I want to do as much as I can, I have so many ideas that I want to do but feel like I never have enough time. My goal is to one day to create a super team, a collective of creators each appreciating many crafts while specializing in their own field. Also, to be able to eat amazing food all the time, and have many cats. Or dogs. Both actually. Although ideally a cat sanctuary, where I can save and take care of all types of felines.