Sadie - Pathos Editor in Chief

Sadie is a Graphic Design major who believes in the power of art and writing as a transformative force. She is a lover of ocean breezes and sunny weather who wishes she could will the forces of nature into sending less rain her way. You can often find Sadie riding her bicycle downtown and playing board games at coffee shops across the Pacific Northwest. She is incredibly excited for her third year working at Pathos!

Creative Director

Harrison Gerard - Pathos Creative Director

Harrison Gerard is a junior in the graphic design program at PSU. When he isn’t doing art and design he is reading and writing, when he isn’t reading and writing he is talking, when he isn’t talking he is thinking about maybe restarting his sims 2 addiction. His dream is to get a call that he inherited a large, rambling mansion somewhere in rural Vermont from a great-uncle he didn’t know he had.

Copy Editor

Moxxy Rogers - Pathos Copy Editor

Moxxy Rogers is a Creative Writing Major with a focus on Poetry and a minor in Film Studies. She loves pasta, God, and creating works of art that remind people how to feel. She falls in love with memories she’s never made and people she only writes about. Her favourite film is Kill Bill: Volume 2, and her favourite song is Lilo by The Japanese House. She plays too much Sims and doesn’t know how to keep bios short and sweet. Her social security number is