Bret Steggell is currently a senior at PSU majoring in Psychology. A hermit at heart, he enjoys the quieter things in life like cozy moments at home or being near the sound of water. He believes that Pathos may continue being the destination for creatives to express themselves and share their vision. He welcomes you to share.
Monday Miller is currently in their senior year at PSU majoring in graphic design. As a life-sized polly pocket, you can find Claire pretty much anywhere, but especially abandoned Spirit Halloweens and tiny crawl spaces. She hopes to use design to make people smile, and maybe even get you to submit to Pathos! <3
Kelly Zatlin is a graduate student of both the literature and book publishing programs at PSU. An avid lover of taking ill-timed naps, she has a love for all things cozy, while also being a staunch monster apologist.
Chloe Findtner is a third-year student in the Graphic Design program (with little a business/marketing minor as a treat.) She enjoys practicing amateur architecture criticism in her free time and is an expert in Posting.