Stephanie Gresham is a senior pursuing her BFA in Creative Writing. She loves reading messy stories, writing in her closet, and rearranging the furniture in her living room. She hopes to help build a supportive literary community at PSU, starting on the pages of Pathos.
Kelsey, our creative director standing outside on a sunny day in front of plants and a wooden fence
Kelsey Zuberbuehler is a senior graphic design major at PSU. She enjoys swapping books with friends, drawing flowers, and finding any excuse to go to the beach. At Pathos, she hopes to create a beautiful platform to showcase the wonderful creative work from the PSU community!
Clover Gullans is a senior pursuing his BFA in Creative Writing. They enjoy queer fantasy, fresh bread, and gardening with their cat, Lentil! He values building community through sharing art, and can’t wait to see your pieces!
Camden, our social media manager cycling down a road. Don't worry, he's wearing a helmet!
Camden Benesh is currently a senior at PSU majoring in Creative Writing. He enjoys drawing and taking photos on nice days. He values the importance of self-expression and encourages everyone to get out there and make something awesome!