You must be a current student at Portland State University to be considered for publication. We are funded by PSU and serve as a creative outlet for its students. We are happy to point non-students toward local publishing resources, but cannot publish non-students at this time

Please include the words SUBMISSION and the genre of your work in the subject line of your email (art, poetry, prose etc). We read submissions anonymously — only the managing editor will know the identity of the artist until after selections have been made. Attach a copy of your work without your name, please. This eliminates conflicts of interest and ensures a fair review of all work.

We accept only original, unpublished works. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know immediately if your submission is accepted elsewhere.

Students can submit up to three (3) creative pieces of varying genres/mediums. For example, you may submit a) three poems or b) a poem, a short story, and a photograph — but please no more than three works.

When submitting in multiple genres, each submission must be made separately. Do not include three separate works in one file. To clarify, this means if you’re submitting art, poetry, and prose, send them in three emails with the appropriate genre indicated in the subject of the email.

Please include titles for all works. We receive many “Untitled” selections and encourage you to take this opportunity to be creative.

On submission, you agree to grant Pathos Literary Magazine nonexclusive first publishing rights and nonexclusive first electronic publishing rights. This simply means that we get to publish your story first, in print and online, and then it’s all yours—but only once we publish it.

On submission, you allow the Pathos editorial staff to make reasonable corrections and edits without consultation. We will never alter your voice or your content, but we do utilize a style guide and copy editor. Given our short publication window, we are unable to consult with all contributors about most changes. However, any changes you the contributor may have in mind can be discussed upon acceptance.


Although we welcome essays and short fiction up to 3,000 words, our sweet spot is between 100 and 2,500. We’d love to read your best flash and microfiction. You can submit by emailing your work as an attachment to


Submissions should not exceed 50 lines in length. You may email files to Acceptable file types are .DOC, .DOCX, and .PDF. Please do not submit collections of poetry as one submission.


We accept drawings, prints, illustrations, photography, paintings, graphic design/digital artwork, and multimedia. For each work, please make sure that all files are high resolution (minimum 300dpi). Please email files to Acceptable file types are .JPG, .PNG, and .PDF. Please include any specifications, captions, and/or other information you would like to publish with the piece in your email body.


If none of the above categories quite fit your work, please e-mail your subscription to us at To name a few examples, Pathos is also interested in publishing musical scores, short plays, screenplays, and innovative creative work.