Spotlight On! Abby Edwards

Abby Edwards is a second year Psychology Major at Portland State University. With a natural passion for drawing and painting, she has been creating art since she was a child. Between doodling and planning future projects, Abby finds enjoyment in spending time with friends and her cat.


im not sure how i feel about the discourse

Q: How would you describe your identity?

A: I identify as a student as well as a female artist.

Q: What inspires you to create?

A: I have been drawing and painting since I was a small child. I always wanted to create art. But in high school I had the most amazing art teacher. He knew my potential and he would always push me to my limit. There were times when I was so frustrated with a piece I would cry but he would always bring me back and show me I could always do more.

remember places

Q: What does your process look like when you are taking the seed of an idea and turning it into a finished product?

A: Usually when I want to create something, I can see a full picture in my head of where I want to go with it. I always start with sketching and figuring out how I want things to look. And nothing is set in stone, once I start a piece I often find myself changing things. The final product doesn’t usually look like the beginning idea, but that is the fun part of the artistic process.

Q: What does it mean for you to be vulnerable in your work?

A: For me, being vulnerable in my work means that I don’t hold back. If I want to make a piece to express my feelings or a topical issue, I will do just that. I enjoy the vulnerability that comes from my work, and I can choose to explain it in an artist statement or not.

cat series

Q: How do you think your art communicates with you? How do you think it communicates with an audience? Is this communication important to the process of your art?

A: I make art because I want to, and because of that it communicates with me the most. I see what goes into a piece, I see the effort and time put forward, and of course I understand the messages of the piece first hand. I am unsure how my art communicates with an audience since I am usually not on that side of the exchange. I would like to hope that people feel something from my art. Or that when they see it from across the room they are attracted to it and it pulls them in. I want them to walk away feeling anything from my work.

Q: What is your next project?

A: I am planning on making a painting of my uncle who passed away this year, but also I don’t know for certain what will come next.

mask sculpture

Q: As an artist, how would you define this phase of your life?

A: I like to think of this as my “I’m creating because it is still fun” phase of my life. I know my potential with creating but I also know there is always more for me to learn.

Q: How do you deal with “artist block”?

A: DRAW! Just do it. You may be sitting there waiting for inspiration to strike. When you draw random doodles or practice lighting or forms, it helps you think about art and maybe you will be inspired to try something new.


Q: What makes you happy?

A: My friends make me the happiest. Also my cat. I could live my life with just my friends, my cat, and some art supplies and I would be set.

Self Portrait

You can check out more of Abby’s work by following her on her art instagram @spykidsiii