Honest Pathos Book Review: And Then We Grew Up by Rachel Friedman

An Honest Pathos Book Review by Emma Caroline

And Then We Grew Up by Rachel Friedman is a go-to book for any creative who is paving the path of creating a fulfilling, lucrative, and art filled life while honoring their adult commitments. Throughout the course of the book, Rachel talks about her experience at her art school as a child, Interlochen, while weaving through and touching on sometimes humorous examples of her struggles and triumphs throughout her time there, and the rest of her educational career. She delves into everything she’s experienced, ranging from her passion for playing the violin, to the defeat that eventually ensues to how she picked herself up again and finally fell in love with writing. She travels around the country to interview former Interlochen peers in an attempt to see where they are in their creative journey in hopes to gain some insight into her own situation. Drawing upon their experiences, Friedman used their experiences to help inform her on how to move forward in a way that would allow her to live up to her creative and professional potential. Featuring the point of view of many artists, this book examines what it means to be an artist from several different angles, creating a finished piece that every creative can relate to. Witty, humorous, and touching, And Then We Grew Up will inspire the artist in everyone to follow their dreams whole-hardheartedly while being practical and methodical in the process.