A new season for submitting your latest, greatest creative work!

Welcome to another season of submissions! We’re still riding high from the release of the stunning winter issue. Did you see that cover? Didn’t you love the content? We’re well on our way to another (maybe even more) dynamic issue. For students wanting to see their creative work in print, Pathos is the perfect outlet.

As PSU’s only students-first literary journal, our mission is to help our peers at Portland State reach their creative goals. This term, we hope student artists with aspirations to publish their work will take the first step. Submitting your darlings can be daunting. We promise, the anxiety all becomes worth it once you get that acceptance letter. Each one of us on the Pathos staff is an artist or a writer or both. We hope we can welcome you into our big, warm Pathos community. For those of you new to the Pathos submission process, see our guidelines below. Here’s hoping the warm weather charges, rather than melts, your creative, brilliant brains.


  1. Submissions should not exceed 50 lines in length.
  2. Acceptable file types are .DOC, .DOCX, and.PDF. Written works with a visual element should instead be submitted to the Visual Art Category.
  3. Please do not submit collections of poetry as one submission.


  1. Submissions should not exceed 3,000 words in length.
  2. We accept fiction AND nonfiction, including (but not limited to) essays, travel writing, short stories, flash fiction, and reviews. Excerpts from longer works are permissible, but that distinction must be made clear.
  3. Acceptable file types are.DOC, .DOCX, and.PDF. Written works with a visual element should instead be submitted to the Visual Art Category.


  1. We accept drawings, prints, illustrations, photography, paintings, graphic design/digital artwork, and multimedia.
  2. For each work, please make sure that all files are high resolution (minimum of 300dpi).
  3. Acceptable file types are .JPG, .PNG, and .PDF.
  4. Please include any specifications, captions, and/or other information you would like to publish with the piece in your cover letter.


  1. As part of our mission to connect PSU students with the greater creative community, Pathos is now offering reviews for select complete student works (demo albums, chapbooks, full length plays, etc.).
  2. To have your work considered for review, please submit a pitch letter as an attachment (not as the cover letter). This should include a summary of your work, a description of your intended audience, and how a review by Pathos would help you.
  3. If your pitch is accepted, please be prepared to provide copies of the work to be reviewed (either physical or digital).
  4. Reviews are published online only.


  1. If none of the above categories quite fit your work, please e-mail us at pathoslitmag@gmail.com with a description of your submission.
  2. We will provide you with guidelines and feedback specific to your project PRIOR to submitting to this category. Please do not submit to this category without e-mailing us first!
  3. To name a few examples, Pathos is also interested in publishing musical scores, short plays, screenplays, and innovative creative work. Use your imagination!