Our Winter 2016 Contributors

It’s been one heck of a term for Pathos Literary Magazine, all thanks to our readers and the bold artists and writers on the Portland State campus. Our Fall 2015 issue was one of our most widely read issues (seriously, we’ve barely been able to stock the stands quickly enough to supply PSU’s demand, and we have a lot of dedicated volunteers for just that). Our submission window for Winter 2016 yielded an unexpected volume of submissions in all categories, and we were thrilled to see students from all sorts of departments submit their academic and extracurricular creative work.

It is our great pleasure to announce the contributors to our Winter 2016 issue, which will be available for free on campus this week.

  • Jacob Adams
  • Alexis Day Erickson
  • Alex Diaz-Hui
  • Daisy Feller
  • L. Hart
  • Vi La Bianca
  • Kerstin A. La Cross
  • Inna Leonchik
  • Jocelyn Loyd
  • Flannery Mack
  • Ariel Martin-Reed
  • Shannon Merrigan
  • Marisol Moreno Ortiz
  • J Olinger
  • Sol Ontiveros
  • Nitya Prem
  • W.R. Soasey
  • Asya Volkova