Finding time to crush midterms AND creative projects

Midterms got you down? Pathos is here to help! We publish student work from all over campus––from the inventive, densely decorated floors of the Art Annex, to the academic maze of Neuberger, to the clean, sharp, sustainable halls of the Engineering building. Being any kind of student while being any kind of creative can be tough whether you’re an art/creative writing major or not. And it can feel like ten weeks is barely enough to get anything done. Over here at Pathos, we’rePathos Spring 2016 encouraging our Viking creatives from all fields to take a moment. Write a quick last poem for #napowrimo. Write a little flash fiction. Doodle on that napkin at the coffee shop you’re studying in. Take a creative breather to check out our last two issues and gain some inspiration for all of the above.

As the one student-only publication on campus, Pathos is the perfect outlet to let loose your most outrageous, stress-reducing ideas. We love spectacular finished pieces and wacky emergent ones. Most of all, we love students’ work. Create with whatever time you can find. Submit, submit, submit by May 6th!