Writing Prompts of January

It is the new year, and with the new year comes a new outlook on life. Or perhaps you felt very successful last year and would like to continue through this year in prosperity! Wherever you land on the spectrum of new year’s resolutions, we hope that you are still making active goals towards improving and growing your writing. We here at Pathos are always so thrilled to read your work, as we’ve watched it grow over the years. We hope that these writing prompts of January help to continue to encourage you to put out your best work!

  1. Write a short story that includes the words “New,” “January,” “Birth,” and “Winter.”
  2. Describe the month of January without using the words “month” or “January.”
  3. Write a short story about a man who sells Bibles and then meets a customer who changes his life.
  4. It’s a new year, but the sun didn’t come up on January 1st. It’s now February 1st and there hasn’t been daylight in a month.
  5. Your main character has been told that they have 2 months to live. Their New Year’s Resolution was to live life to the fullest. What happens next?
  6. Write a poem by putting together sentences of every email you received in the month of January.
  7. Imagine it snowed in Portland in January! Now imagine it snowed through February. Now imagine it kept snowing. Imagine if it never stopped snowing again. Write.
  8. An old man lives in a retirement home and makes it his New Year’s Resolution to escape. What happens next?
  9. Write a love letter from 2019 to 2020.
  10. You are from another planet on a mission to visit Earth. You’ve been told that 2020 was the year of destruction. What do you see when you land?