Welcome Back!

Spooky Season has finally arrived, and along with it, fall term, which means Pathos Literary Magazine is up and running once again! Getting back into the swing of things here at Pathos after this summer off has been a bit like opening a save file of The Sims to find that, somehow, it was left unpaused all night. Our team is really only running on Among Us memes and the new Animal Crossing Halloween update, but in the year of our lord, 2020, you take what you can.

Regardless, Pathos is over the moon to be back at it. And we have some especially good news! Our Spring issue, delayed due to Miss Rona earlier this year, is absolutely itching to get into your hands, and will be available to read on the website very soon. In addition, submissions are now open for the Fall issue. Delight us poor souls with your best poetry, prose, art, and photography so we have something other than spooky Reddit threads to get us through the season.

All the best,

The Pathos Team