Fall Submission Deadline Extended!

Listen up! Yes, you there! The one dissociating to Corpse Husband TikToks under that pile of Fruit by the Foot wrappers! We know it’s difficult just getting through the day to day in this dumpster fire we call home, let alone planning out your goblincore picnic at Lone Fir. But Look™, us folks here at Pathos are running on some record-breaking serotonin levels, and we need your help to boost em.

We’ve extended the submission deadline for Pathos Literary Magazine’s Fall 2020 issue to November 13. Reader: submit that ~SPOOPY~ short story you wrote at 2 AM last week, or that poem you dedicated to your deceased rabbit Todd, or even that comic you drew last winter about demons with a penchant for candle-making. Reader: whatever it is, for the love of Matthew Gray Gubler, submit it, and help prevent your local Pathos editors’ early deaths. You can find a detailed summary of our submission guidelines on our submissions page, here.