Tips for Avoiding Burnout

All of a sudden, it’s cold, wet, cloudy and Week Seven; it’s understandable that you might want to retire from campus each day to huddle up at home around your toasty, roaring Week Seven burnout. Midterms are over, the Pathos submission window for Fall is closed, and finals are still a few weeks away: it… Continue reading Tips for Avoiding Burnout

Welcome back, Vikings! Pathos Submissions are OPEN!

Millenials probably never get tired of hearing from other generations who know¬†about how entitled we are, owing (probably) to the fact that our parent-generations saw fit to lavish us with rewards just for participating. Some of us may have even actually been known to quit certain activities that did not promise molded plastic trophies engraved… Continue reading Welcome back, Vikings! Pathos Submissions are OPEN!