Welcome back, Vikings! Pathos Submissions are OPEN!


Millenials probably never get tired of hearing from other generations who know about how entitled we are, owing (probably) to the fact that our parent-generations saw fit to lavish us with rewards just for participating. Some of us may have even actually been known to quit certain activities that did not promise molded plastic trophies engraved with it-didn’t-even-matter-what-as-long-as-it’s-engraved (I’m looking at you, Garden Home Volleyball 1997!) Participation is its own reward, right?

Maybe you’re new to the Portland State University campus this term, or perhaps you’re a seasoned Viking and only just discovering Pathos Literary Magazine for the first time because a) we’re distributing more issues of your one and only student-written, student-operated literary magazine than ever before and/or b) our fresh new issue caught your eye on campus this week. Either way, we’re so thrilled you found us!

We don’t do molded plastic trophies here at Pathos, but we can offer you an engraving* of a different sort,** one with lasting value to the budding community of creators coming up together as students at PSU and – we hope – one that’ll be valuable to you, a future contributor to Pathos:

*How about your name, in print, in Pathos Literary Magazine?

**How about your name side by side with your own creative work of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, music, photography, or other visual art media?

Pathos Literary Magazine publishes the creative work of Portland State’s students, staff, and faculty every term (the work of faculty will be published digitally only). Participation might be its own reward, especially if you’re interested in getting involved on campus and helping to cultivate our creative community; but having a publishing credit under your belt and the opportunity to share your craft sure isn’t bad!

So consider this as we roll up on the end of Week One: Submissions for Pathos are open for the Fall Term Issue from now until Friday of Week Six – that’s Nov. 6, 2015. Fire up those creative engines, and please do visit our Submittable page for further instruction on how to submit your work for inclusion in the Fall 2015 magazine!