Quarantine Thoughts: A Journal Series part 2

A collection of poems and prose by Emma Butterfield

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Brain food

Your brain needs food just like your body does. Just like you need many different nutrients to support a healthy body, a healthy mind thrives off of variety. Vary the literature you consume, the types of games you play, how and what you write about. Brain food comes in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. Consume the whole rainbow and the clouds that support it.

and watch as your mind blooms colorfully

Let it seep from your soul

By all means- hold onto anger as long as it serves you, as long as it allows you to move forward in your process of healing from whatever may have happened. But the second you feel it seeping from your soul, the second you feel it falling to the ground like a huge metal ball you’ve been carrying all these months, allow it to fall freely and don’t look back. Once you allow yourself to let it go that doesn’t mean nothing ever happened, it just means you’re freeing yourself from it’s all encompassing wrath- a wrath that will no longer tangle your limbs and weigh heavily on your shoulders. You are allowing yourself to begin walking down the path of freedom from all of this. You are sparking the beginning of the final step of healing that was destined to happen all along.

What I am not

I am not a landing strip

to rest your plane at

before you take off to your final destination

I am the places you call home

I am your feet in the warm sand

I am the Sun kissing

the spine of your back.

I am not the exquisite exhibit

I am the whole museum

the statues


glistening jewelry

and all the history

that comes along with them.

I am not the numbers

in my bank account

solely cents and dollars



in a computerized system

I am the wealth of my soul.

I am not an employee

simply stratified

into my job description

I am a creator

an artist

a fighter

and a lover.

I am not

someone whose worth

can be determined

by looking at

simplistic digits on a scale

for I was crafted in a currency

that can’t be calculated.

a precious stone that can’t be purchased.