Pathos is now accepting submissions for our Fall 2014 Issue!

The deadline to submit for the Fall 2014 issue is November 15th.

  1. You MUST be a current student at Portland State University for your work to be considered for print editions. Both PSU students and staff members will be considered for web.
  2. We accept only original, unpublished work. We also accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your submission is accepted elsewhere first.
  3. One person can submit a maximum of THREE entries, with a maximum of 3,000 words per entry.
  4. Files must be submitted in .JPEG, .PNG, .DOC OR .PDF format. For all photograph and visual submissions, be sure your images are high resolution (minimum of 300dpi). Please make sure to include the correct title for all work.
  5. Please include a short (approximately 100 words) biography with your submission, to be included online and in the print issue.
  6. We accept the following types of creative work for PRINT:
    • Poetry
    • Fiction (short stories, prose, etc.)
    • Short nonfiction & creative essays (including literary, art, travel writing, and film/literary criticism)
    • Musical scores that can be printed visually
    • Illustration and Photography
    • Graphic design work (including advertising campaigns, posters, logos, or other interesting visual work)
    • Short plays/screenplays (excerpts from longer works are permissible too)
  7. In addition to the aforementioned forms, we accept multimedia submissions to be published/reviewed for WEB ONLY. Submissions of this type can include:
    • Short film/video (no more than 5 minutes in length)
    • Recorded music
    • Multimedia projects

***Want to submit your original work that doesn’t quite fit the guidelines above? Send us an e-mail! We’re open to new and exciting things. Run your idea by an editor, and we can give you guidelines specific to your project. We’re open to general questions too. Contact: