Online Art Gallery, Volume 2

Pathos Literary Magazine is pleased to produce for you the second edition of our online art gallery! We have so much gratitude and appreciation for our artistic community here at PSU. Stay tuned for more art, poetry, and inspiration, on the blog, on our social media pages, and on the Pathos stands in the hallways of PSU! Click on the visual poems to enlarge them.


Discourse on Cultural Impositions

by Emma Wallace


First Snow

by Jocelyn Kiffe

The red rain

sprinkled on the river.

It changed cold spring

to cloudy meadow.


My excitement mended

the chance to be mad at myself.


As the dust cleared

I shed my moldy skin.

My shell was short-lived.


And I, loud and rowdy,

became a wrinkle with a cane.



by Karen Torres-Olguin

I’m stuck in a cycle of living

and loving

in instances

That are nothing but exactly that –

short lived



by Karen Torres-Olguin



by Karen Torres-Olguin

Music playing in the background

The only way that I seem to fall asleep lately

There’s a break in the beat

Replaced with a steady buzz

A phone call


I pry my eyes open long enough

To read your name on the screen

And glance at the time

Knowing that by now you’re drunk

Filled with enough courage to last you through the night

And into the morning


During those five rings

That seem to span minutes, rather than seconds

I’m taken back

To spending those nights, that turned into mornings

On different sides of town

Wondering, if you’d ever make it back home to me


I worked on keeping you afloat

Never minding that I was drowning

Because you see, this is what love it supposed to be like

This is what love is supposed to be like

An affirmation that grew murkier, and quieter

As our voices grew louder


Five long rings

And I can feel myself

Sinking, sinking

Back to sleep