Online Art Gallery, Volume 1

Pathos Literary Magazine is pleased to announce we will be publishing online all the poetry and art that could not make it into printed versions — creating an online art gallery! We receive so many great submissions, we often don’t have enough pages in our mag to print every piece – even those we love. Now, we can publish even more, online! Thank you to the artists who agreed to online publishing. Stay tuned for more posts of unpublished submissions!


Pineapple Dream

by Claire Meyer



by Claire Meyer


by Claire Meyer


In the End

by Abbas Habibi

Old rusty unused train tracks

Where few wander to now

And pact inner city subways

Will all be empty in the end

The busy bars where so many go

To fight to laugh and to cry

And many venture to drown sorrow

It will all be empty in the end

The libraries home of many tomes

No hand will reach to read them

No one roaming the isles

All silent in the end

Natural scenery rushing waterfalls

None left to view them

Their beauty no longer admired

No one is left in the end

The fierce back and forth

Arguments and wars of men

Petty emotions unnecessary pain

Will all come to an end in the end

Nature will have its day in the sun

Unleashing its force against all

Mother Earth’s healing will begin

No one is left to hurt her in the end



by Rachel Woods 

Shades of red,

At a distance of time.

As I lay there,

In a meditative state.

Slowly going into a dream,

That I never dreamt before.

The past creeps up,

So fast.

Trying to wake up,

But don’t want to.

So many memories,

I had.

Some bad ones,

To make me think.

That I survived it all,

Through hell and back.

I moved on,

With life.


I am a survivor.