New Year, New Opportunities to Get Published in Pathos!

Submissions for our Winter 2016 Issue are now open!

If you aren’t already following Pathos Lit Mag on our favorite social media platforms (cc. Facebook, Twitter, and our daily inspiration-oriented Tumblr, cc. you are missing out) you may not have noticed that Week One has been all about our favorite New Year’s Resolutions for 2016: Write More, Read More, and Submit Your Work to New Places!

Whether you’re in it for the whole year, or the whole term, or even just a whole week, there’s no wrong way to commit yourself to flexing your creative muscles – some of you will be pushing yourselves to create more, some of you will be pushing to create better, and some of you may be committing yourselves to pick up your creative tools for the very first time. Whatever your goals are for the new year and our new term at PSU, Pathos is here to help you catch that creative carrot-on-a-stick!

As the dedicated literary magazine of Portland State University’s student body, Pathos Lit Mag’s mission is to help our student peers achieve their creative goals for 2016, and to publish, present, and celebrate the incredible work being generated by the creative academic community here. Pathos publishes PSU student work exclusively – everything from poetry to prose, from reviews to academic papers, from music to visual art. We’d love to be your creative destination for Winter 2016 – visit our Submittable page for instructions on how to submit to Pathos for Winter 2016. We’ll see you there!