Midterms are among us — and so is the latest issue of Pathos!

With midterms knocking on the front door of our studio apartments packed with a minimum of 3 roommates, a small dog, and a pair of dirty cuffed jeans we’ve worn twice in the last week — it’s natural to not want to answer the door. Unfortunately, Midterms have a key and they are coming in anyway. We may not be able to control the amount of Midterms we are taking, or even when we take them, but we can find healthy ways to keep our heads above water. Getting a good grade is important, but don’t forget to take care of yourself while you’re spending endless nights in the library, or working your fingers down to the bones as you type your third essay of the week. Take breaks to stretch your legs. Drink enough water to make the ocean jealous. Remind yourself that you’re more than enough. And if you have the time, pick up an issue of Pathos at your nearest stand and let your mind get lost in some literary art. Our magazines can be found in Smith, the Art Building, Cramer Hall, and Lincoln Hall. Good luck with your Midterms and happy reading!