Writing Prompts of October

Here at Pathos, we understand that sometimes a writer just can’t write. If you’re like us, you get writer’s block too. Have no fear, even in this month of spookiness, you don’t have to be afraid of a dry spell in your writing.

Here are some fun and scary writing prompts that will hopefully get you inspired!

  1. Two people walk into an old bookstore full of niche novels. Only one of them comes back out.
  2. A woman is suspicious that her partner is having an affair because she keeps finding the belongings of other women’s things hidden around her house. Her partner is not having an affair.
  3. A plane full of passengers, but one of them has a secret that could change the flight’s destiny.
  4. A child’s bath water turns red.
  5. A Magic 8 Ball that can actually predict the future, but never has anything good to say.
  6. In the end, it was the butler.
  7. POV of a bird outside of a window that belongs to a mysterious family. What does the bird see?
  8. A man plays the violin to mourn the death of a loved one. When he finishes, he hears clapping. He is alone in his room.
  9. Rewrite an episode of the new Twilight Zone series and make it better.
  10. What if Bloody Mary could take you into the mirror with her?