Writing Prompts of March

It may be April, but being a little late has never stopped this humble blogger from giving you content before, and we aren’t starting now! March, as many of you experienced firsthand (and honestly are still going through as we speak) was a little bit of a doozy. I mentioned in a previous blog post that what we went through in March was something quite life changing and I still stand by this sentiment. I truly have no idea what life will look like when this all blows over and I certainly have not a clue of when that day will come when we can say that this era of our lives is finally over. I think we all have to be prepared for a future that will look like nothing we’ve ever seen before, but also be aware that we may be changed as well. Whatever this change looks like, I hope that we are all able to embrace it and find comfort in one another as we transition through a type of trauma completely foreign to our generation. One thing that should be for certain in these times of uncertainty is that we are in this together. I am grateful, readers, to have you here in spite of everything that is going on beyond our control out there. Your commitment to reading this magazine and consistently sending out your work for us to possibly publish is something we here at Pathos do not take likely. You are what makes Pathos so great, and so without further ado, I share with you some writing prompts to continue to hopefully inspire and encourage you to keep creating.

1. The world is in a global pandemic due to a strange disease that has been spreading rapidly throughout the nations. The disease causes people to start dancing uncontrollably without stopping, and is highly contagious through witnessing another person dancing. Your main character has been quarantined for awhile now, when they suddenly hear distant music coming from outside. What happens next?

2. The leaves on all of the trees are growing back as Spring slowly creeps into bloom. Write from the point of view of the trees.

3. There is a mysterious virus going around… on everyone’s computers that steals information and sends it to space. Write about who in space is receiving this information and what they are possibly doing with it.

4. A blind person regains their sight for the first time in their life. Write what they see.

5. Write a poem about March Madness from the point of view of someone who doesn’t know what March Madness is. Bonus points if you have no idea what March Madness entails and you just free ball it.

6. You walk into a McDonald’s to buy a Shamrock Shake. You’re the only one inside when a Leprechaun suddenly walks in and stares you down. What happens next?

7. Describe love without using the word.

8. Find one artifact in your immediate surrounding that describes your mood. Write about it.

9. You have the chance to write a letter to The Creator of the Universe. In light of what is happening right now in the world, what would you want to say? Questions? Concerns? Suggestions?

10. Write a word on your hand today. Live with the word all week. Sleep with it, ponder on it, consider it as you do your daily activities. At the end of the week, write about that experience.


As always, I hope that these prompts inspire you to make something that helps you to digest the world we are living in. Be patient as you create and allow for mistakes to come as they do. It is, after all, how we continue to grow. Please feel free to send us anything you create based off of these prompts and we will be sure to feature you on our social media pages! We look forward to seeing what you come up with and we’ll see you very soon!