Writing Prompts of December

Sure, it’s January, but better late than never, right? Who said holiday gifts couldn’t come a little behind schedule? We’re bringing in the new year by staying a consistently late publication!

Please enjoy these December themed writing prompts as you reflect on the fact that it is already the 3rd week of January. We can’t all be perfect.

  1. I saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus
  2. Create a collage out of magazine pages that make you irrationally angry about the Capitalism of Christmas
  3. Story prompt: You’re throwing a New Years Eve party and all of your guests have arrived on time, except for one. When you call them to ask them where they are, they respond in confusion. They went to your party yesterday! It’s January 1st, they claim with earnest. You think your friend has lost their marbles, but when you return to the party, all of your friends’ clothes are on the ground… but they are nowhere to be seen…
  4. List 10 reasons why December is the best month.
  5. List 10 reasons why December is the worst month.
  6. Write a story in the shape of a text conversation between two elves.
  7. Story Prompt: You get snowed in at the local diner. You’ve just ordered your favourite item from the menu, when a cop asks you if you know anything about the dead body in the bathroom. You do.
  8. If you worked for a Calendar store and were in charge of making themed calendars based off of the month, what would they look like? Create a calendar for December and submit it to us on our Instagram or Facebook!
  9. If you could write a letter to January from the point of view of December, what would it say?
  10. You start building a snowman outside when suddenly it slaps your butt.