Welcome to Fall Term!

Welcome to fall term! Get your galoshes and slickers ready! The time has come for the leaves to change and the lines at the bookstores to lengthen. The staff here at Pathos Literary Magazine is excited to kick back into gear a new year full of art, poetry, prose, and creative events. We hope you have all had inspiring, relaxing summers full of wanderlust-y vacationing, sunshine lounging, and art creating. We are so excited to start putting together a new magazine full of all your beautiful submissions, as well as planning and throwing creative events throughout the term. Find us tabling at Party in the Park this Thursday (we will have a free sweatshirt up for grabs)! Cheers to a new season, a new term, and new opportunities! Enjoy your classes and have fun this term! This term (like always) you could (but are not limited to) submit: poetry (like sonnets, haikus, or spoken word), fiction (like flash fiction, short stories, or novel excerpts), non-fiction (like biographies, narratives, interviews, or essays), reviews (like about music, books, films, or events), or visual art (like drawings, paintings, graphic designs, comic strips, collages, embroidery, prints, photography, or short films). Submissions for our fall magazine will open THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27. Submit written work at https://pathoslitmag.com/submit/ and/or submit visual work by emailing it to pathosliterarymag@gmail.com.