Volunteer with Pathos!

As Portland State University’s only student run literary magazine, we believe we play an important role in the campus community. We choose to be intentional with our design, submission process, and student relations. Our volunteer program is meant to be a reflection of our mission to create a magazine for students by students.

Please continue reading below to get more information about the roles we are looking for, what we expect out of our volunteers, and how you can help to get involved!

Artsy Fartsy

At Pathos, we rely on the Artsy Fartsy to connect us with the artists that submit to our magazine. We believe that the talent and drive of these students deserves to be showcased in a beautiful way. And here is where you come in.

Your responsibilities include: Pathos magazine design, designing social media posts, creating merchandise / collateral, and in house booklets and guides.

Business Minded

Pathos would not function without Business Minded people keeping us on track. The magazine being released on time and on budget is crucial to us continuing our work as a member of PSU’s Student Media. This is why we need you.

Your responsibilities include: managing the budget, planning campus events, overseeing volunteer teams, and writing spending requests.

People Pleaser

We rely on student interaction to function at Pathos. Our People Pleasers connect us to students, allow them to have a voice, and encourage them to submit to and read the magazine. We want to count on your voice.

Your responsibilities include: advertising submissions to classes, distributing magazines on campus, tabling at campus events, and getting the word out about magazine updates.

Book Smart

At Pathos, we all have one thing in common. We love literature and art. The Book Smart among us make sure we express this love in an intelligent and thoughtful way. They are the heart of all we do. We couldn’t do this without you.

Your responsibilities include: contributing weekly blog posts, reviewing / voting on submissions, copy editing the magazine, and writing social media content.

We very grateful for your interest in working with us at Pathos Literary Magazine. While we can’t offer any financial incentives for you volunteering with us, we want this to be a valuable learning experience for you. As such, we cannot accept every volunteer applicant. Limiting the number of volunteers allows us to find a balance between our daily
tasks and mentorship. Chosen volunteers will be treated as staff, work to craft their own job title, and attend each of our meetings.

Pathos cannot guarantee that our meeting times will align with your schedule for any upcoming quarter. In addition to both mentorship and career growth, we hope that some volunteers will choose to continue on with us as paid staff when an opening arises. We believe that our volunteer program will allow you to gain the experience you need to be successful in these positions, should that be a goal for you.

If you are interested in volunteering with Pathos, please reach out to us at our email: pathosliterarymag@gmail.com or stop by our office located in the sub basement of Smith Memorial Student Union, room S30.

Good luck with the rest of your finals and have a great summer!