Submissions for Spring Term are Open!

You Still Have Time to Steal Our Hearts

We know that life looks insane right now. I mean, have you looked outside lately? Well… maybe you actually haven’t. It would actually be totally understandable if you have been holed up in your bedroom for the past few weeks with your television trained on the news channel, and your head buried in the safety of your nearest childhood treasure. Do not worry, dear reader, the Pathos team is never here to judge you. We are here to tell you that we understand and we are right there with you. My personal favourite childhood treasure is a small bunny plushie I’ve had since I was 6. His name is Chappy and he’s been my best friend during this quarantine.

Right now, we find ourselves living in a time of mass uncertainty. I cannot be sure of what tomorrow will bring, and I have no idea if my yesterdays are the last remaining treasures of a time when things still held a resemblance of sense. All I know is that sometimes it’s hard to get up in the mornings and even harder to stay asleep as night. It feels as if “it that shall not be named” has tried to take so much from me, but I do not want to let it take away my ability to create. You, dear reader, should join me in the fight to hold onto the artist in you. Even if it is one sentence, one photo, one quick sketch — you are a creator and anything you make is absolutely splendid because it came from your hands.

Let us see what you’ve been making lately by submitting to Pathos Literary Magazine’s Spring 2020 Issue! Submissions are still open through May 4th, and as always, we are so excited to see what you’ve been up to! You can find out more details on how to submit by checking out our submissions page above. We’ve missed you so much already and we can’t wait to be inspired by the creativity of our talented community.

From the Pathos team to you, we wish you a happy creating and safe travels as you navigate through this pandemic. Stay safe out there friends.