Seed Packets Week 3: Poch Saldana

Poch Saldana is a senior currently pursuing a BS in sociology! When they’re not working on a writing project, Poch often spends their time learning about the culture and significance of “play” in our modern world.


I’ll keep it short.
Like an old bud
Or ungrown shrub,
You’re doing good–

Maybe your best.
There’s still bad-blood,
Aches you can’t rub,
But now you’re calm.

Sometimes you need
Those solemn songs
And your old balms
To keep soothing.

Leave it at that.
Keep borrowing
A neighbor’s swing
With small kind words.


Prompt: Pen Pals
Imagine you are anonymously connected with a distant stranger. Communicate with them in any way that feels right—whether it be through a letter, poem, song, painting, doodle, photograph…