Online Art Gallery, Volume 5

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by Bryna Cortes


My Beach Towel

by Bryna Cortes

The first one was from SeaWorld

A trip my family took

before we knew that

their whales and dolphins swam in tears


The next was for the beach

as colorful as a sunset

Reminding me of peaches, strawberries

of summertime


Never a white towel

no light colors

The red is too vibrant

leaving stains even after the wash


I lost my beach towel

Not the one for the sand

for a different kind of

wet on my skin


Wet that is warm and thick

No one knows its feeling but me

me and my towel

we’ve been through it all


I lost my beach towel

Only now do I know how much it means to me

In my sleep, I will worry

wishing it would lie beneath me


Teach the “Boys”

by Christian Orellana Bauer

Teach the “boys” well

Before its too late

Teach them to love

Don’t teach them to hate

Teach them to dance

To sing not to fight

Teach them that hitting

Is wrong and not right

Teach them to ask

To listen and think

Tell them

“It’s alright to like something pink”

Give them a hug

If they wear a dress

Put one on yourself

Say “You look the best”

And make sure they know

It’s ok to cry

Or to be scared of heights

Or to be scared to die

And don’t make a fuss

If they like the “girl” toys

And never

Don’t ever


“Boys will be boys”

Just teach them to help

To hold and to care

To not give a damn

If they lose all their hair

Teach them it’s alright to be like a “girl”

And maybe we’ll have

A much better world