Online Art Gallery, Volume 10

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did i ever tell you about the night i fell out of love with you?

Moxxy Rogers

i kissed the sky

and made 

the moon watch

grey blankets covered

the horizon

the last ribbon

of orange

stretched across

the distance

between you and


you held the sun 

and made 

me watch

time loses track of me

a sinking syncopation 

a pocket of touch

a momentary lapse lost in

a trailing thought

the air gasps for a

fresh breath 

of you

and instantly drowns in


we stole the stars

and made

the planets watch

the ocean turned black

billowing beneath myself

brewing by the shore

when you reached

your hand through the vacancy

and clutched

the void

in between your fingers,

when i screamed so loud

the clouds shook with a storm so fierce,

when you only saw me

when nobody was looking,

when the earth

caved in under the pressure 

of a last goodbye and left a crater

in the shape of


for the first time,

holding you in the 

palm of my hands,

you looked so


i touched the edge 

of a black hole

and made

the universe watch

she became so wild 

with jealousy

she collapsed

into herself

and there — in the cosmos 

drifting between

where your lips

never met mine

— a waiting

— lingering

— anticipating

— suffocating

— silence

i fell in love 

with the existence of thought

and made

everyone watch


My power does not lay

Emma Butterfield

in the yearn, the burn 

at the top of the summit 

or how much I suck in 

the gentle protrusion 

of my stomach 


it flies

in the ripples of laughter 

that grace

the shore of my life

in the wilting rope

I’ve replaced 

with lace,

flowing with hope 

in the silhouette of my soul 

the labor of love 

and the way I’ve unleashed 


freer than a dove 

In the tears 

that are no more 

and no less 

than allowing myself 

to finally express 

In the whistle of the wind 

carrying me

to here 

to now

and how

I’ve discovered

that often 

the hurt can endow 

In realizing I am 

an animal,

under a golden muse

with prairies

green sanctuaries,

no robot

created simply

to do what I ought 

For I am the thunder 

that strikes

as she wants

I am the roar,

ground trembling 

beneath willing claws 

and I am here to remind you:

if the mirror dares try

to claim your power, 

please reread this. 

take a breath 

take a 


Please realize: 

you are what shakes 

the valleys of your soul

you are the glow of the moon,

no matter how full.


lucid dreaming

Cody Popish