List of things that can get published in Pathos this Fall:

Submissions for Pathos are open! SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE

  • a detailed account of what happened when you visited the dentist last
  • a photograph of your trash can
  • a doodle on your PGE bill
  • a poem about milk
  • a comic that tells the story of five frogs coming together to defeat the predatory dragonflies that won’t stop eating their tad poles
  • a receipt from Taco Bell that shows that you managed to spend $35 there
  • the grocery list you found at the bottom of your backpack from July
  • a review of the book you read last night and how you kept dropping it in the bathtub, and a reflection on how dropping the book in the tub impacted your reading of the book
  • a selfie with the Josh Kline exhibit at the Portland Art Museum
  • a selfie with an actual riot officer
  • the piece you made of your best friend out of sparkles and macaroni noodles from the third grade
  • your list of things to do today
  • a rant about the person in your class that wouldn’t stop ranting about music/art festivals
  • or something formal and serious whatever you want have fun be creative and submit your work to Pathos!