Knock knock! Who’s there? It’s Finals Week and she brought her friend, The Latest Issue of Pathos.

What a funny joke! Did you laugh? Did you teeheeheehee all the way home?


Well, that’s fine. What is really important is that you are aware that Pathos Literary Magazine is releasing it’s 2019 Fall Issue during finals week.

Yes, that is right! You heard it here first. We are so excited about these submissions, and we absolutely cannot wait for you to read the works of your so very talented peers. Not only did we receive some captivating pieces of literature, but we had the privilege of marveling over several gorgeous works of photography and illustrations. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the release of this term’s publication.

If you’re curious about if you’ve been included in our physical copy of the magazine, please keep your eyes peeled during this upcoming week. You can find copies of Pathos in Smith, Cramer Hall, Lincoln Hall, the Library, and the Art Building.

Good luck with your finals and happy reading!