Honest Pathos Book Review: Write Like Prayers by Haley Jakobson

An Honest Pathos Book Review by Emma Butterfield

Write Like Prayers, by Haley Jakobson, is a poetry book that focuses on many important and interesting subjects such as love, trauma, body image, and loss. Haley uses her wit, sense of humor, and amazing poetic skills to talk about some emotional and sometimes difficult topics with poise. Write Like Prayers covers Haley’s journey with trauma, body image, and other important life events — while pulling heartstrings and enthralling the readers. Haley writes about the loss of her grandmother in a couple of delicate, loving poems that will capture the heart of anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. She also writes about heartbreak, falling in and being in love, moving to a new city, and more. Haley’s book of poetry is illustrated simply, but beautifully by Sam Giuliano, with timeless, eye-catching colored images that will catch your eye and keep you turning the pages for more. Relatable and poignant, Haley’s first novel will make you seethe anger, cry, and laugh- all by reading one book.