Online Art Gallery, Volume 2

Pathos Literary Magazine is pleased to produce for you the second edition of our online art gallery! We have so much gratitude and appreciation for our artistic community here at PSU. Stay tuned for more art, poetry, and inspiration, on the blog, on our social media pages, and on the Pathos stands in the hallways of PSU! Click on the visual poems to enlarge them.


Discourse on Cultural Impositions

by Emma Wallace


First Snow

by Jocelyn Kiffe

The red rain

sprinkled on the river.

It changed cold spring

to cloudy meadow.


My excitement mended

the chance to be mad at myself.


As the dust cleared

I shed my moldy skin.

My shell was short-lived.


And I, loud and rowdy,

became a wrinkle with a cane.



by Karen Torres-Olguin

I’m stuck in a cycle of living

and loving

in instances

That are nothing but exactly that –

short lived



by Karen Torres-Olguin



by Karen Torres-Olguin

Music playing in the background

The only way that I seem to fall asleep lately

There’s a break in the beat

Replaced with a steady buzz

A phone call


I pry my eyes open long enough

To read your name on the screen

And glance at the time

Knowing that by now you’re drunk

Filled with enough courage to last you through the night

And into the morning


During those five rings

That seem to span minutes, rather than seconds

I’m taken back

To spending those nights, that turned into mornings

On different sides of town

Wondering, if you’d ever make it back home to me


I worked on keeping you afloat

Never minding that I was drowning

Because you see, this is what love it supposed to be like

This is what love is supposed to be like

An affirmation that grew murkier, and quieter

As our voices grew louder


Five long rings

And I can feel myself

Sinking, sinking

Back to sleep

Online Art Gallery, Volume 1

Pathos Literary Magazine is pleased to announce we will be publishing online all the poetry and art that could not make it into printed versions — creating an online art gallery! We receive so many great submissions, we often don’t have enough pages in our mag to print every piece – even those we love. Now, we can publish even more, online! Thank you to the artists who agreed to online publishing. Stay tuned for more posts of unpublished submissions!


Pineapple Dream

by Claire Meyer



by Claire Meyer


by Claire Meyer


In the End

by Abbas Habibi

Old rusty unused train tracks

Where few wander to now

And pact inner city subways

Will all be empty in the end

The busy bars where so many go

To fight to laugh and to cry

And many venture to drown sorrow

It will all be empty in the end

The libraries home of many tomes

No hand will reach to read them

No one roaming the isles

All silent in the end

Natural scenery rushing waterfalls

None left to view them

Their beauty no longer admired

No one is left in the end

The fierce back and forth

Arguments and wars of men

Petty emotions unnecessary pain

Will all come to an end in the end

Nature will have its day in the sun

Unleashing its force against all

Mother Earth’s healing will begin

No one is left to hurt her in the end



by Rachel Woods 

Shades of red,

At a distance of time.

As I lay there,

In a meditative state.

Slowly going into a dream,

That I never dreamt before.

The past creeps up,

So fast.

Trying to wake up,

But don’t want to.

So many memories,

I had.

Some bad ones,

To make me think.

That I survived it all,

Through hell and back.

I moved on,

With life.


I am a survivor.

Self-love for mid-term stress

The pile-up of papers and exhaustion of exams that come with mid-terms can get any one of us feeling worried, anxious, and wanting to stress-eat all the bags of chips. Take from these tips for reducing stress and inducing self-love during exam season if you’ve been feeling down. Our health and happiness should always be our first priority!

  • Do more of what brings you happiness. Whether that be taking time to read something for fun, dropping into a yoga class, going to a gallery, or spending an evening aimlessly wandering the endless shelves of Powell’s, if it makes you happy, it’ll help keep you motivated to do all the things that might not be as happy – like mid-terms.
  • Take time to go outside – yes, it may be rainy and cold, but regardless of that, the fresh air, the green plants, and the wild sounds of the birds and squirrels are immensely grounding and rejuvenating. Even a short walk can be very refreshing and inspiring, as it gets your body moving and allows your mind to rest for a moment.
  • Breathe! Meditate. Meditation can be much more than just sitting doing nothing with your eyes closed (although that is one good way to do it). Just let yourself zone out while you listen to music, play music, write, draw, paint, dance, or walk. Focus on your breath, listen to how it sounds, feel how it feels.
  • Organize your priorities and create tentative schedules for your days. Yes, you should allow yourself all the time your mind and body requires for whatever type of self care benefits you best, but you should also probably make sure you’re prepared for your exams and turning in all your papers on time without feeling rushed. Create a list of what’s most important for you to do and get done, and schedule it out – but don’t be so strict on your schedule that you miss out on a spontaneous coffee date with a friend or a random revitalizing afternoon nap!
  • Focus on one task at a time. If you’re writing a paper, sit down with your notes and coffee and just write. If you’re studying for an exam, sit down with your notes and coffee and just study. If you’re taking time for self care, like meditating or exercising or taking a long shower or bath, just do that, and don’t think about the next thing on your to-do list.
  • Put your phone on airplane mode or just turn it off. Throw it in your bag or in your drawer. You can check it later. Focusing on yourself and your goals and the always-moving world around you is so much more important, fulfilling, and interesting than getting distracted by every little thing on your phone.
  • Journal or free-write to get out extra thoughts and worries. Just write it out. You can rip it up and throw it away after, or save it for future reference or inspiration.
  • Shower yourself in positive affirmations! You can do this. You are enough. You got this!