Attention Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 Submitters

There has been a recent change in management in Pathos, during which certain things have come to light. If you have submitted to Pathos using the HeyPublisher submissions form on our website during the past year, and have been waiting and wondering whether your work has been read or why you have not received a response, please know that there has been an editorial failure at Pathos that is currently being addressed, and that your work was NOT reviewed by us and was neither accepted nor rejected for the Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 issues.

If you sent your work via email, it was received and was up for inclusion in the fall and winter issues. All works that were submitted using our online submissions manager are currently in backlog on our website. We would like to offer our sincerest, deepest apologies to anybody who has submitted this past year and who was unsure about the status of their work. We are currently discussing ways to address this and looking to fairly review all of your submissions so that we may include them either in the spring 2014 edition of Pathos or in a specially formatted issue.

Please note that from this point on everything that you submit WILL be received by us. We hope this has not bummed anybody out too much. We love reading your work and we hope this does not discourage anybody from submitting in the future. If you ever have questions for us or are wondering what has become of your submissions, please send us an email.


Ryan deLaureal

Interim Editor-In-Chief