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A Short & Sweet List of Environmentally Friendly Art Projects

  • Save all your bottle-caps to create a bottle-cap collage, necklace, or belt
  • Make a clock with buttons or bottle-caps
  • Use old cans and jars for storage or as vases
  • Tie together scraps of ribbon to create bookmarks
  • Use recycled paper (especially newspaper or brown paper bag) as giftwrap
  • Sew an old t-shirt into a tote bag
  • Cut up an old pair of jeans for denim patches to sew on clothes
  • Cut and paint an empty cereal box into a paper holder
  • Clean out and repurpose empty candle jars (or recycle them at Yankee Candle)
  • Make a pressed leaf or flower collage with honey for glue
  • Collage with pages from old books from Powell’s
  • Use recycled art materials from Scrap (store located in Goose Hollow)
  • Paint on recycled canvases
  • Make your own nontoxic paint pigments from plant matter
  • Design an indoor forest of house plants
  • If possible, work digitally or with recycled or repurposed paper/material

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