List of things that can get published in Pathos this Fall:

Submissions for Pathos are open! SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE

  • a detailed account of what happened when you visited the dentist last
  • a photograph of your trash can
  • a doodle on your PGE bill
  • a poem about milk
  • a comic that tells the story of five frogs coming together to defeat the predatory dragonflies that won’t stop eating their tad poles
  • a receipt from Taco Bell that shows that you managed to spend $35 there
  • the grocery list you found at the bottom of your backpack from July
  • a review of the book you read last night and how you kept dropping it in the bathtub, and a reflection on how dropping the book in the tub impacted your reading of the book
  • a selfie with the Josh Kline exhibit at the Portland Art Museum
  • a selfie with an actual riot officer
  • the piece you made of your best friend out of sparkles and macaroni noodles from the third grade
  • your list of things to do today
  • a rant about the person in your class that wouldn’t stop ranting about music/art festivals
  • or something formal and serious whatever you want have fun be creative and submit your work to Pathos!

Things you can do while you wait for the next issue of Pathos:

Paint the skeleton of a sea creature.

Write a full story with just 55 words.

Write a list of art that has changed your life.

Write a poem about an armadillo.

Follow @PSU_ARTS, and get all the info about upcoming PSU student exhibits.

Pen the perfect pop song.

Compose yet another cover letter for the open professor position at Hogwarts.

Start making art for the next issue of Pathos (if you aren’t graduating).

Write an acrostic letter of complaint about the price of graduation regalia (if you are graduating).

Pathos staff is excited to show you the next issue soon. It’s full of challenging art, remarkable prose, and shiver-inducing poetry. Stay tuned!

One more day: 7 more hours to submit your work!

At 11:59PM tonight, the submission window for the Pathos Literary Magazine Spring Issue closes. The Pathos staff is really excited to start digging into all the submissions, from fresh voices and Pathos doyens alike. If you’re a current PSU student doing any kind of creative work, we’d love to see it! Pathos accepts almost everything: poetry, prose, visual art, music, and video. If none of those apply, email us at and we’ll work together to get whatever brilliance you’ve created into the submission pool.

And a sincere thanks to everyone who has already submitted.

If you can’t get to submitting this time around, make sure you’re following us on social media: Twitter + Facebook. Keep an eye out for calls for submissions to the Fall 2016 issue come September!